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The Wellness Ministry

Contact: Sis. Debbie Letlow -, Attn: Sis. Debbie

The Wellness Ministry endeavors to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors benefiting the physical mental, spiritual, social and emotional well-being.

We were created to enjoy our lives at any age. We can be energetic, healthy, youthful, fit, attractive and alive. When we view our bodies as a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit of God, knowing your body is not your own, and treating it with respect, the changes in your life will happen quicker. It takes consistency and discipline of staying in the word, eating healthy, being physically fit, living peaceable and much more to have the success of abundant life. The Wellness Ministry will provide an invitation for individuals to began their personal journey to healthier living through, knowledge, application and wisdom.

What we do:

  • Provide immediate response to church medical emergencies
  • Conduct free health screenings
  • Provide health education
  • Facilitate physical activities
  • Assists other ministries with health-related needs


Practice Wellness!