The place where Ministry, Music, and the Saving of Souls is our Goal!

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(Free, Annointed, Inspired, Teens of Holiness)

Mission Statement:

To equip our young people with knowledge of the Word of God.  And to provide fellowship and spiritual accountability.  To impart that without Faith is impossible to please GOD (Hebrews 11:6).  To share the gospel with the unsaved and to train the saved in the sharing of the Gospel.

The Vision

To see teenage boys and girls grow into saved, mature young adults.  To lead the next wave of Church leadership, Church Servitude, and most importantly a lifestyle of Holiness.

A healthy youth ministry has all the components of a healthy church: worship, discipleship, ministry, prayer, evangelism, and fellowship.  Great worship may be an entryway to the ministry, but it must also have a discipleship component to take kids deeper, a mission component to serve and a community component to do them together.

Generation Faith Support Ministries

Young Women of Excellence

Young People Willing Worker (YPWW)

Young Men of Valor

Youth Choir